The Calle 80 logistics and industrial park, located in the municipality of Tenjo, provides direct access to Bogota without toll payment, benefiting from excellent connectivity and access to the main consumption areas and to the most important communication highways in Colombia.

It was built over a 56 hectares land with available spaces for lease. It has capacity for more than 250,000 m2 of warehouse space capacity for immediate delivery or to be developed according to customers needs.

Its AAA features , world class infrastructure and experience, facilitate and optimize logistics operations of our users.
Uninterrupted operation
All days of the year
Monitoring center
Integral security 7 x 24 hour
Concessioned Central dining
Sanitary system with treatment plant and tanks for rainwater management
NFPA regulation for fire protection
Water tanks independent from fire extinguishing system
Parque Logistico Calle 80, complies with the highest standards of energetic efficiency and environmental sustainability by means of EDGE certification which promotes the development of sustainable buildings with savings of at least 20% of potable water, electricity consumption, carbon footprints levels compared with conventional buildings. EDGE program is sponsored by the International Financial Corporation (IFC) as a division of the World Bank.

El Parque logístico e industrial Calle 80, ubicado en el municipio de Tenjo, provee acceso directo a la vía Bogotá – Medellín, beneficiandose de una excelente conectividad y acceso a la población consumidora de Bogotá y a las principales carreteras de Colombia.

Construido sobre un terreno de 56 hectáreas, con espacios disponibles en arriendo, cuenta con una capacidad para más de 250.000 metros cuadrados en bodegas, que se desarrollan por etapas.

Sus estándares triple A, la infraestructura de clase mundial y experiencia de LatAm LP, facilitan y optimizan las operaciones logísticas de nuestros usuarios

Bogotá Bogotá Autopista Norte Futura ALO Av. Boya Cra. 7ma Av. Caracas Av. Las Americas NQS Av. Cuidad de Cali Calle 26 Calle 80 Calle 80 Accesos desde Bucaramanga y Tunja Accesos desde Bucaramanga y Tunja Accesos Medellín y Costa Atlantica Accesos Medellín y Costa Atlantica Acceso desde Buenaventura, Cali, Soacha & Mosquera Acceso desde Buenaventura, Cali, Soacha & Mosquera Av. Calle 13 Av. Calle 13 Peaje Peaje Glorieta Siberia Glorieta Siberia Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado


  • The Calle 80 corridor has been consolidated as a logistics hub for local and regional operations.
  • Distribution studies locate the Calle 80 corridor with best indicators for “last mile” distribution, related with delivery times and transportation costs between 3% and 5% lower cost. Without tolls to and from Bogota.
  • It allows a fast access to the main national routes that comunicate with major markets and Pacific and Caribbean cost. It is also close to the El Dorado airport.
Autopista Medellín 100 Mt
Destination: Medellín, Ruta del Sol,
Cartagena, Barranquilla
and Santa marta ports
Funza Mosquera Soacha Road 4 Km
Destination: Cali, Eje cafetero,
Buenaventura Port
Bogotá Calle 80 road 9 Km
No Tolls
Bogotá Calle 13 road 20 Km
Bogotá – Cota Suba road 13 Km
El Dorado Airport 17 Km
Service Station 4 Km
Supermarket 4 Km


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LatAm Logistic Properties is a commercial real estate investment company dedicated to the development and operation of World Class Logistic Parks in Latin-American emerging markets.

LLP provides solutions to warehouse users by matching its deep understanding of customer demands with expertise in warehouse product and local market dynamics. We integrate international best practices in design specification, construction practices, site selection, regulatory approvals & customer relationships.

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